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PC-VP-BP114 Battery for Nec Laptop 1950mAh/15WH

The new Nec PC-VP-BP114 laptop battery, 1950mAh/15WH 7.6V, is suitable for battery NEC 2ICP3/53/94 hz100 kb36 keyboard. Superior quality and cheap price! 1 year warranty, 30 days refund!

Brand : Nec Battery
Type : Li-ion
Capacity : 1950mAh/15WH
Volatge : 7.6V
PC-VP-BP114 Replaceable universal battery model:

Perfectly compatible with NEC 2ICP3/53/94 hz100 kb36 keyboard:
For NEC 2ICP3/53/94 hz100 kb36 keyboard

Why the laptop can't be charged
1. The laptop battery management software disables the charging function.
2. Laptop battery aging or daily careless maintenance, often use the battery power to exhaust until the computer automatically shuts down. In fact, this is very easy to damage the battery.
3. Some users will take out the laptop battery for a long time, put it away, this kind of battery will be taken down and stored, it will also lose the battery, which will make the battery life of the laptop worse and worse.
PC-VP-BP114 Notebook battery charging shows 0% available power is turned on and can not be charged solution
1. Check if the battery charging is disabled. If the user sets the laptop battery, the laptop battery management software disables the charging function
2. If there is no problem with the check settings, if the laptop battery is used for a long time, the over-discharge will cause 0% of the available power is turned on and not charged. If it is taken for repair, even if it is repaired, there will be problems such as battery life and long life. It is best to buy. Replace with a new laptop battery.
3. The battery has been used for too long, it is useless, resulting in poor contact, it is recommended to open the notebook clear gray, plug the power cord battery to try.
4. notebook win7 system battery internal control circuit or battery core problems, need to take over.
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